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Prezi Presentation: Brooklyn Brewery

Pratt Institute | DM-622 Advertising and Promotions

Brooklyn Brewer Campaign:

Young trendy male, 21 to 35, independent, socialite, constantly on the go, busy lifestyle. An individual who enjoys a good time. Hipster that can explore new 'neighborhoods', a person who is wild-spirited and willing to try new things.

What do they think / feel / do now? They want a alcoholic beer that can express who they are and can engage. The beer has to embody their personality. Bottom line, the brand has to reflect their own lifestyle.

What do we want them to think / feel / do in the future? The beer has to entice users in the company's campaign. We want the targeted consumer to feel a sense of familiarity with the taste and product design. The right beer for the any time of year.

The consumer is conscious of not buying into mainstream brands and aims to favor Brooklyn Brewery because it is a local.

Insight: "I want to feel of unique. I want to have my own beer that suits my own personality."

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