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Pratt Institute | DM-622 Advertising and Promotion is the most popular online dating site dedicated to singles that are ages 55 and older and are looking for casual dates or deep relationships. The site’s unique features and navigation tools make it easy to communicate with other members safely, even if you are unfamiliar with using the Internet.” Seniors, 55 years old and above who live in the US. People who are afraid to date again, feel insecure, outdated, and lack confidence. They are looking for either casual companions or deep relationships. Who are we talking to? I want companionship but I think I am too old to date. I need somebody to talk to, share with, hang out, and have fun. I know there are dating websites but I don’t feel comfortable or safe using them. I do not know how or where to meet people, I miss the old days. What do they think / feel / now? It is never too late for companionship. I feel happy, rejuvenated, and young. Now I have regained hope and this website helped motivate me to go out and date. I am enjoying my experience of meeting new people. Who would have thought the internet could work for this type of thing (dating)?! What do we want them to think/feel /do in the future? Most seniors feel uncomfortable, don’t feel safe using the internet and have trouble using computers. They miss “the old days”, when dating was easier, simple and familiar. And so it begins... During the month of February (Valentine’s) every weekend at Central Park’s pond, a mailman rides his bike, (like “the old days”) with a huge heart balloon. He approaches adventurous elders and hands them a postcard from which explains if they are interested in finding their perfect match, they could send a postcard to their other half. Every Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 4pm, the mailman will pick up the postcards and “send” them to their “better half”. One week later, they must log into the website and find out who is their perfect match.

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