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News America Marketing (News Corp)

News America Marketing annually hosts an event party for clients who participate in their digital and in-store advertisement programs.


As a designer in the Marketing and Creatives Services department, my role is to create different concepts based on the location of the host city, that will best reflect the upcoming company party.


Left Concept: New Orleans, LA
The inspiration for the Super Bowl XLVII (47) themed event, influenced by the French Quarters infrastructure along with the wrought iron found on balconies of French Colonial style townhouses can be seen in the concept. In addition to the cool blue, vibrant pink and mellow purple hues, the combination of colors represent jazz vibes from the nightlife of New Orleans. The golden tones used in the typography create a contrast of the background for the type to stand out.


Right Concept: Glendale, AZ
The canyon landscape of Arizona is iconic and unique to the area. Beautiful sunsets are a huge draw for locals in combination with the bright city lights encompass captivating imagery. The combination of all the elements makes this an easy decision to use photography as the main element for the Super Bowl XLIX (49) concept.


In order to capture the look and feel of what I described, I had to create layers starting from the foreground. The mountain terrain was taken from other pictures, the downtown area of city buildings clipped from multiple images and the canyon background extracted from other photography. To complete the overall picture, I used Photoshop to combine all layers then added color hues to construct a subtle transition from the foreground to the background. The typography was centered on a light background to call attention and stand out.

Super Bowl Concepts 47/49
New York, NY
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