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Adventure seeker / Frequent flyer / Podcast and film enthusiast / Expert color theorist / Cat video lover Ice cream addict / Detail-oriented creative / Daydreamer / Dream chaser / Born visual designer


Brooklyn bred.  Explored life on the Gulf Coast. Currently living in Los Angeles.

Hansel Noriega


Board of directors

Aside from my career, I believe in supporting design initiatives within the community. In relocating to the Gulf Coast, I actively became involved with the AIGA Organization as Communication Director for AIGA Mobile, 2017-2018.


My responsibilities consisted of ensuring our chapter message align with the mission and goals of the national AIGA organization. Engage, gather, and create content that is relevant to our creative community for our social media channels, AIGA Mobile website, and email communication. Along with organizing and participating in local events that foster design in our community.

Since relocating to Los Angeles and serving AIGA Mobile, I remain active but now as an Ambassador for AIGA Mobile on their advisory board. You can contact me at for different ways to be involved with AIGA Mobile and help build a creative culture.

AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force. As the largest community of design advocates, we bring together practitioners, enthusiasts, and patrons to amplify the voice of design and create the vision for a collective future. We define global standards, ethical practices, guide design education, enhance professional development, and make powerful tools and resources accessible to all.



Customized icon pack created for faculty at California Lutheran University.


Designed for a Fall 2018 course syllabus; Advanced Research Design and Statistics.

Created in Adobe Illustrator CC and exported as icons

for use in Microsoft Word.

Featured Work


I started my career with internships in the entertainment industry for MTV Network, Turner Broadcasting, and WNYC Radio. My career experience stems from design but my academic discipline is Design Management. As a graduated from Pratt Institute, the framework of the curriculum focuses on business strategy with the emphasis to analyze and implement organizational goals in order to drive brand engagement. Together, my design skills and user thinking, are refined by the market trends of the industry.

Previously, I worked at News America Marketing (News Corp) as the lead graphic/visual designer for the Marketing & Creative Services Department. My responsibilities consist of working on projects from concept to end, execute marketing briefs with tight deadlines and work on client-specific assignments. In my career, I have learned how to successfully build on user experience to align with initiatives of the company along with user-centered design to draw desirable appeal for projects while upholding brand identity. As an employee that has grown within the company, I have gained invaluable insight and experience on how to approach projects with the intent of executing the company’s strategic marketing plan.




Customers want to know who is the brand, what does it stand for, and where does it fit in their world? Market the core value of the business with authenticity to highlight the product and/or services. Essentially building on heartfelt experiences that resonate with audiences.



Design affects business, along with research and understanding the customer base essentially are key components of the organization bottom line and their KPI's. Let's bridge the communication between business and design for a greater impact.




An effective business presentation provides clarity, engagement, authenticity in the information presented to the targeted audience. Good visual design communicates the organization goals and meeting agenda. Good design does not sell itself, the presenter does. Keep it simple.




Organizations require a comprehensive brand identity system, that provides a unified vision throughout the company, and tools that help the organization build the brand. The brand will impact what the public feels, thinks and says about the product, service or company. 

Color Theory

Design Process

I help small business and individuals gain clarity for a purpose, build on brand value, and connect with their targeted audience. Here is the design process I follow when approaching each project:

1 - Kickoff meeting, project/design brief with clients
2 - Research ecosystems, competitors from clients
3 - Brainstorm on the message, design development
4 - Sketch mockups
5 - Build on design
6 - Present drafts to client
7 - Revision, feedback discussion
8 - Move design forward into production

Print Design
Brand Development

client list


I would love to hear from you


917 862 2399


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